Art belief

written on 9-3-2014
edited on 10-8-2016, 12-12-2017,20-3-2020

My motivations of making art come from feelings of sufferings.

To observe, to experience, to verify, to transform, I integrate myself with dependent originating, arising and ending of all things, to demonstrate rhythm of minds fading in and fading out.

Human beings often try to put art into life. On the contrary, we rarely try to make life more artistic. One notion remains my mind. If art and life are originally split from a complete whole, these two words create irreparable distance in the middle. We tend to look down possibilities of life and extract artistic elements from it presenting in separate situations. Such methodologies lead my art creation based on real experiences like applying my real life to experiment different ways of understanding living. It somehow helps search for awareness of spirits, values and homes of sentiments. Then one day there is a discovery. There is no object that can stay eternal. Every object changes at every moment. While consciousness is triggered, it determines how states of objects can retain.

Nothing can exist alone. 

Along with continuity of intensified globalization and capitalism, modern lifestyles reflect more contradictory values. to confront contradiction, I name creation poisonous aesthetics embracing all my emotions and desires, as well as blending with situations and fate of Hong Kong. Believe in skepticism; skeptical about beliefs. Believe in beliefs; skeptical about skepticism. Among beliefs and skepticism, I still enjoy feelings of existence, and breath, much more than work. If you are willing to see in this light, then my creation is life itself.