Art belief

Tang’s artistic practice is closely related to his own life journey and experiences, as well as to the place where he lives. He is always immersed in the complex, contradictory and struggling present. Through observing the surroundings, he introspects himself and the others, reality and imagination, anyone and anything between the old and new, etc.; it thereby reveals certain hidden emotions, concerns and essences at particular moments among chaos, dealing with growth, inheritance, locality, freedom, urbanization, consumption, nature, politics, norms, existence, etc.

Corners of a wooden table were withered; a metal front door handle was grabbed bright; heavy plaster and paint kept smearing nail holes in galleries disguising as smooth white walls. How many meals did our stomach digest? How many lost souls does our art respond to?

Am I concerned about objects, contexts, emotions, or a meal? What runs through is time. If time is a substance, then the substance being taken care of can be time. It echoes with various people and things.