Love Simply 簡單愛's statement

Love Simply - Fotanian Open Studio 2009

Studio: Hang Fat Studio
Venue: Unit 21, 4/F, Block A, Wah Luen Industrial Centre, 15-21 Wong Chuk Yeung Street, Fo Tan, NT, Hong Kong
Artists: Chung Ching Man, Lee Ho Wing, Lee Kit, Leung Yu Tung, Lui Long Ting, Michael Lee Hong Hwee, Ng Choi Hung, Tang Kwok Hin
Curator: Tang Kwok Hin

: Talk about contemporary love


It is easy to sell a piece of toast. It is difficult to gain a great deal of money. Like using heads of nails to pare iron, they can only produce little effect.
Seldom come along with dads but dads often come along with their children. Like drops from eaves of houses, do we see drops rising towards the sky?

This is a set of renowned couplet placed at the front door of “Da Tong” restaurant in Guangzhou talking about what the restaurant’s owner see in his work, especially expressing the sadness. People over the world own these sorts of sincere feelings. Someone loves to express. Someone loves to conceal. In the context of words and films, themes related emotions often exist. However, it is comparatively less in the contemporary art scene due to its privacy, as the privacy denote the difficulty to make dialogues between artists and spectators. For instance, if presenting “I love you”, it is basically not appropriate to speak it once as an artwork for avoiding superficial presentation in the content of art. When we transform this sincere feeling into context of art, the difficulty of transformation will show up. Like applying a painting to represent love is hard to gain the same level of power comparing to spoken words “ I love you”.

“Love Simply” is an exhibition presenting the ways and experiment that the artists transform sincere emotion into art by not changing the essential parts, including love to parents, couple, friends, strangers or objects.

簡單愛 - 伙炭工作室開放計劃2009

: 談「當代」「情」