The Photobook of Mu Mu Dao 木目島相簿

The Photobook of Mu Mu Dao, 2008
MDF, paper, glass and photograhps from Google search engine
64(W) x 115(L) x 53(H) cm

Mobility of information has improved much compared with 10 years ago. In the world of internet, people all over the world share their personal matters. What am I interested in that? This is the search engine of images.

I searched on Google for more than 100 images, through key words like tree, sea, landscape, human, animal, village, building, town, road, car, airplane, etc. Then I stuck the printouts onto 3R size glasses and carved on the images. They are in a world created by Google. To me, they seem like shots of describing different angles of an un-existed and contradictory place. I named it “Mu Mu Dao”. In Chinese, “木目島”. (“Mu Mu Dao” means Photographic Island)


我於谷歌搜尋超過一百張相片,透過「關鍵詞」如樹、海、風景、人、動物、鄉村、建築、家具、城市、道路、汽車、飛機等進行收集。然後,將這些相片貼於3R的玻璃上並進行雕刻。這是一個谷歌所建構的地方。於我,這些相片像從不同角度描述同一個不存在及矛盾的社會。我稱這地方為“Mu Mu Dao”。漢語,“木目島”。