Finishing Line 跑道

Finishing Line, 2017
Two-channel video projection on glass, glass and a scanner
Dimension variable

Every day; every scurrying person. 

There is always light while a machine is on. In the present world, technology has been infiltrated into various aspects of life. Under surfaces, nature is hidden. 

Lights appear from scanners. Lights of scanners only scan objects close to surfaces of glass while the un-scanned parts turn black. 

Scanners’ lights fascinate persons. They function like the process of exposure. It moves like walking a certain way, a moving finishing line. 

Home as office, my job is to live itself. 

Scanners scan lights of the scorching sun. 

Every endless night; every scurrying person.




掃描器的光讓人著迷。它們運作如照相機的曝光過程,移動起來卻似走段路。它們像極在移動的終點 線。