One Two 一二

One Two, 2018
Photo, single channel video projection, washing basin, hair from artist’s family, soap, glass, baby powder, shower hose
Dimension variable


As one falling meteorite splits into two, many ordinary concepts divide into extremes, where in the between there is variability, which is intrinsic and invariable.  

In the history, men and women developed into human from organisms, while presenting a variety of abilities, difficulties, and hostility. The history is brief in every moment when we look back. In a condensed status-quo, the rigidity is found in system, power, and the sloth in people; while the vulnerability is always found in candid awareness.  

It is all just life. While we consider the traditional myth in the walled villages in Hong Kong, putting men before women, has been dying out; the situation is, however, that the women can never stay in the village, ceding the surname and the household to the men. 

When she came, it was as if we were first naked in the bathroom.


男女歷史走來從生物成人,展現過各自不同的能力、苦難、爭鬥。回頭看,歷史在當下是如此短暫, 濃縮的現狀,其牢固見於制度、權力、人心怠緩;其脆弱,卻永遠見於通明的覺知。 

都是生命而已。傳統的、圍村的,重男輕女的迷思,在心頭早已煙消雲散,但局面是,女孩都沒能留 在村裡,姓氏和歸處都屬男兒。