Alpine Tango 登高

Alpine Tango, 2020
Performance in truss structure with mixed daily objects, drop sound and single-channel video
Performer: Tang Kwok Hin, Florence Lam and Herman Lau
Dimension variable

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Photo Courtesy of the artist and Hong Kong Arts Centre

If we climb higher, will sounds from far away be heard? Or will it be a way to escape from the tracking ears around us?

Climb up the mountain on Chung Yeung Festival.

No zhuyu leaves, no chrysanthemum liquor, no meticulous medicine to protect oneself from diseases.

In one breathe, and exhale; in one breath, and exhale.

Scents of memories, twisted and turned to conquer the skull, waiting to be gushed from all holes. 

And as time passes, the skull turns into a fragile and empty bottle.

The body though with its muscle memories, still remembers how to climb. Arms leaning against the window grilles, laundry bamboo poles catch clothes fallen from upper floors, and bodies too. 

Climb up the concrete skyscraping mountain, reach the top to oversee the darkening night, and tilt down your head to witness the smooth and straight cliff.

Just bear in mind, keep your feet on the ground, please.