History and South of Repulse Bay 淺水灣的歷史與南方

History and South of Repulse Bay, 2009
Road signs, plastic pipes
Dimension variable

Road signs show information of roads that lead us to the destinations. I intend to expand the usage of them by setting 2 road signs at Repulse Bay which tell 2 different stories. Through them, tourists can understand the Bay from new perspectives.

Sign of “History of Repulse Bay”:
Regarding the year and cause of naming, the ships appeared here, news and plots from novels and so forth, are marked on the road sign that shows the location of their occurrence. To compress time, history is presented at the moment.

Sign of “South of Repulse Bay”:
Whenever facing the endless coastline, sea breeze with the open atmosphere stimulate imagination of people. I will mark the nations and places which are the south of Repulse Bay on the road sign. From the nearest Paracel Islands to the farthest limit Antarctic. We suddenly have clairvoyance and see beyond the distance which is about 9636 kilometers.