Containers as Evidence of Presence 以容器作存在的證據

Containers as Evidence of Presence, 2010-now
Adhesive photos collage on layers of glass

Every object cannot exist on its own in the state of flow and permanency. Books are stored on shelves; wine is poured into bottles; water need to rely on coast to create river; even though air such invisible element, we have the Earth as the storage. All these are things possessing ability like protection and providing room for the protected ones to exist. The room has to open for discovery, such as gift boxes and chests of treasure; it is concealed from our sight that we can recognize through our experiences, such as roots in vases of flower and furniture in houses.

They are all containers. Take a closer look. Containers can be divided into two categories. One is continuous, such as cars and purses. They have constant changes and keep being the witnesses to the documentary results. Another one is consumable. When things inside containers are consumed or used, the containers remain showing their original packaging methods or appearances and provide certain information to tell what features of things have disappeared, such as instructions on product boxes and labels on wine bottles. Tang was attracted by the interdependence between containers and the things loaded. Shapes, function, appearances, symbols, and so on are identified between them. They voicelessly make room for us to write stories when we deal with their combinations.