Four Boxes 四個盒子

Four Boxes, 2012
Wood, plastic, metal and transparent adhesive c-print collage on glass

(1) Ed Merritt’s Diary: 9(W) x 22(L) x 30(H) cm 
(2) Folks’ Drawer: 13(W) x 35(H) x 40(L) cm
(3) Emma’s Book Cabinet: 26(W) x 35(L) x 39(H) cm
(4) Personal Mailbox: 9(W) x 22.5(L) x 31.2(H) cm 

Diaries, drawers, bookcases and mailboxes are the four fundamental tools for storage and transmission of messages which different people should have diverse interpretation on them. While someone invades and looks into privacy of the others of the above, how can spirit of people communicate? I therefore decided to trace four types of people. Having a visit at a friend’s home, I took photos of his bookcase in the sitting room; I surfed on web while I read over and downloaded a stranger’s diary; a day my parents being out, I open their drawer and I discovered shadows of them and more of mine; I also wrote letters to myself to own mailbox as reflection to all of the above.