Compound Eyes 複眼

Compound Eyes, 2012-now
Transparent adhesive BW-print collage on glass

Under marketization and industrialization, cities were duplicated. A bee occasionally came across and saw the countless passersby; aside the shadows of men, vehicles were like ants; behind endless car queues, skyscrapers were as packed as dense forest. In eyes of insects, this world is not belonged to humans all along.

Through compound eyes, repetitive things look even much complicated and form surrealistic pictures. An arrow can fill the sky like swinging wheat in the wind; stacked beds seem to be laminated for millions of years to become a piece of shale; in the days of heavy rain, umbrellas inside cylinders are imagined as potted lotuses. Everything can be natural by seeing with compound eyes. Can nature gradually be re-established from cities and civilization, carrying our revolution then?