Food Cabinet 食品櫃

Food Cabinet, 2012-now
Food packages and an acrylic cabinet

Garden, 2012 | 嘉頓
60(L) x 21.3(W) x 50.1(H) cm 

Garden, is a famous company of package food in Hong Kong. 

Industrialization advocate norm of daily goods. It essentially dominates repetitive and modeled elements of civilized life and human behavior. We wear clothes and bring along with a wallet and keys. Accompanying with gray and black shoes to walk to the front at the home entrance, we slightly open the door and step on a velvet carpet. This is another day of busywork. Without exception, our basic necessities of life are limited in the same mold.

Development of packaged food is fast in recent years. Such fast food culture represent another side of modeled life. Basing that I decide to implement a sustainable project named “Food Cabinet”. Concerning daily diet, I have created serial topics on packaged food; like during a period of time, I only eat packaged food from The Garden Company Ltd; only eat packaged food which need heat processing; only drink packaged soft drink. Every package will be reversely packed and put into a transparent cabinet at last. When the cabinet is filled up, then next topic will begin.

Re-packed food packages expose and strengthen similar color, texture, shapes and excessive use of materials behind industrialization to construct kind of abstractness and poisonous aesthetics.