ENIMINIMINIMOS: Artists who make things small II

DATE: 6 NOV 2009, FRI – 3 JAN 2010, SUN
TIME: 11am - 8.30pm, Mon - Fri,
10am - 8.30pm, Sat & Sun
VENUE: Jendela at Esplanade, Singapore

Artist: Chow Chun Fai, Chun Kai Qun, Cornelia Erdmann, justin Wong, Michael Lee Hong Hwee, nofearsam921, Suki Chan, Tan Seow Wei, Tang Kwok Hin, Thomas Doyle

Curator: Michael Lee Hong Hwee

In their individual ways, the works by these artists challenge the global, typical or dominant ‘size fetish’ that equates physical size with importance.

Artists from Eniminiminimos: Artists Who Make Things Small II, beg to differ from this current size bias. This group exhibition explores the beauty, complexity and significance of ‘small size’ in contemporary art, and features contemporary miniatures by about 8 international artists from Singapore, Hong Kong and various cities in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

This exhibition will show that making, using and being small have important implications in art and life. Curated by Singapore artist Michael Lee Hong Hwee, the exhibition showcases a wide range of approaches in exploring miniatures in contemporary art, including drawing, painting, video, printmaking, photography, model, sculpture and installation.

This second run of the exhibition which first debuted in Hong Kong in Jan 2008 includes artists from the first installation such as Tang Kwok Hin (Hong Kong), Justin Wong (Hong Kong) and Suki Chan (London) as well as additional ones like Chun Kai Qun (Singapore) and Thomas Doyle (New York). It is a project of the series Things Artists Do of Studio Bibliothèque.)