Bodies 皮囊

Bodies, 2012
Abandoned wooden objects, LED lightboxes and C-prints
Dimension variable

Extract from nature. Serve for different activities of human beings. Undergo depreciation. Turn into waste. Go back to landfill, to earth. This is an inevitable end of trees when being materials. Without branches, leaves and deep roots, they remain limbs, like bodies, undergoing changes of environment, function and appearances.

As the natural materials earliest use in human history, wood own gentle brown as soil. It doesn’t please our eyes but tenderly approaches us exclusive of too much aggression. However, under the tactics of human civilization, the characteristics of wood are concealed by vivid outlook. Trees are massively cut down and transformed into furniture, tools, buildings, etc.

I collect various wooden objects from ruins and garbage areas. Taking photos there show the entire pictures of what I have seen. For tracing the original limbs and grain of them, like bodies, I remove all their color and non-wooden parts.