Lower Legs 小腿

Lower Legs, 2012
Water pipes, lipstick, paper, mirror, C-print, shining gems and two-channel video
Dimension variable


We work during the same working hours; walk on the same paths; take the same vehicles home. Streets act as transitional stages from work to urban life, with our lower legs and tires, from here to there.

Collective constraints transform into laws. Public power advocate the law being a superior norm to achieve general recognition. Then constraints gradually construct habits of life over many years. These are stereotypes easily been seen in nowadays urban cities. Hence, whenever system is formed, anxiety has been transferred to subconscious before reaching fear. Desire of pursuing will of freedom is pressed to inner thoughts or even vanished to be numb. Eventually, the law extend to practice of living. Various indicative public property is created as the symbol of law that fundamentally help growth and concealment of anxiety towards daily depression of repetitive work.

Surrounded by poles of signs throughout the streets signify the order which public power enforce on, such as traffic lights, road signs, etc. The posters and advertising sheets are continuously pasted onto the poles’ bodies, at the same time that keep being torn up. Is this about desire of choice or occupation? To whom do the power belong? The advertising itself promote distorted value as well.

My attempt is to imitate and create the cylindrical signs of public property by different materials. Due to indoor height limitation, the re-made signs will stand upright against the ceiling only showing the bottom parts. Besides, the collected advertising materials from streets will be pasted on the bodies of the poles. While the public property is installed in a private space with a recognizable yet unrecognizable appearance, it may suggest and retrieve to confront the hidden daily anxiety.

In order to challenge and awaken reflection of audiences, abstract visual languages on signs create unclear messages. You need to ask or read carefully. It highlights the excellent concealment of day to day crisis.