One day perhaps there's discovery of that unbeauty 一天或許會發現這原來不怎麼美麗

One day perhaps there's discovery of that unbeauty, 2013
Multi-channel video installation with belongings during the residency in Taipei
Dimension variable

installation view:, 3min35s

act one:, 6min27s
act two:, 3min38s
act three:, 1min35s
act four:, 8min41s
act five:, 7min56s
act six:, 4min25s

The time has been forgotten about cultivating my habit of mostly willing to sleep until the dawn. Stressful life in Hong Kong remain our working condition. I am sometimes exhausted, though it is natural to be in a trance alone facing white walls in a room.

Taipei Kuandu Museum is located in the hill similar to the path towards the top in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Walking up and down, unpredictably overall different urban rhythm trigger new perception of my own body. The first week of the residency has just passed, at the same time being detached to Hong Kong affairs. Deadlines are approaching, yet it does not drive you anxious. Here people, life and relationship, the outline of the above adequately let me realize the identity as a foreigner, as well as more sensitive to physical and mental existence.

Facing the white walls again, strange stuffy oppression attack the heart. It is not about loneliness but different situations of residency reflect shadow left in the past. In a sudden, I discover that I am used to not understand my own body while being alone.

How vulnerable my body and behavior do reveal… I try to re-act various little gestures, habits and experiences after midnight and before the dawn. Perhaps there is discovery of that unbeauty.

Six kinds of behavior:
1.    For pursuit of loneliness and melancholy, is that qualified if I never smoke?
2.    Facing the wall with no purpose, there’s no single word which can represent except a song.
3.    As the heart cannot slightly take a rest. Haven’t heard that we need 7 hours to sleep a day? Then I wake up every half an hour.
4.    To grasp a handful of temperature, though it still drops abruptly.
5.    Remove the black dot okay?
6.    Without food for two days, I feel like vomiting however.




身體與處境,始認識…… 我嘗試重演凌晨時候各種小動作、習慣及經歷,或會發現這原來也不怎麼美麗。

1.      追求孤單愁緒吧,從沒抽過煙可以嘛?
2.      就楞住,臉緊貼牆壁,無法用語言去表達,它就像一首歌。
3.      就如心藏不能稍作歇息。聽說一天要睡七小時,就每半小時醒來一次。
4.      一把抱著,溫度還是依舊流走。
5.      把黑點除掉好嗎?
6.      兩天沒吃,但我想吐。