Sing the songs to Vic Beretton and Wang Mingjun 唱給薇克與明君聽的歌

Sing the songs to Vic Beretton and Wang Mingjun, 2013
Wood, photopaper, glass, paper steel, steel lock, a headphone and a mp3 player
25(W) x 25(L) x 13(H) cm

Headphone is a private theatre which isolates people from the outside world. The development of digital technology makes sound portable, allows you to enter into a mood or atmosphere you enjoy anytime and a scene created by the melodies of the song together with the movie settings.

This recorder carries two songs, they are Reality (1980) and Sound of Silence (1967), one from the French file La Boum, the other one from a local Hong Kong film Unbeatable. In both films, the two leading actresses put on headphones and listen to the songs. The audience also listens to the same song as if they had headphones on. The audience becomes part of the film and recalls the scene where the actresses listen to the songs with the headphones. You close your eyes, and the music loops.

The two songs recorded here are cover versions by the artist.


這錄音筆儲存了兩首英文歌,是1980年的“真實 (Reality)”與1967年的“寂靜之聲 (Sound of Silence)”,分別出現於法國電影“初吻 (La Boum)”及香港電影“激戰 (Unbeatable)” 內。兩套影片都曾出現當女主角戴著聽筒時便響起歌曲的情節,而每當歌曲響起,就如透過聽筒將觀眾現場與日常的經驗聯繫一樣,成了戲中角色,亦提供往後再戴起聽筒聆聽相同歌曲時重疊的印象,霎眼重新記起情節,偶爾跟著哼著唱。