Current Nautre 風行自然

Current Nature, 2008, 2016
Photo paper on PVC
90 x 60 cm



I was born and raised in a walled village with lack modernity. Even though the surroundings do not own the most charming view of landscapes, intimate sentiments towards nature and homeliness fill my heart. From riding a bicycle to taking public vehicles, we cannot avoid getting into this highly developed society. Certain advocated criteria of success always impose on us as objectives of living. Due to capitalism, I deeply realize the background of my growth essentially makes the distance and suspicion between independence and mainstream.

My walled village is undergoing change of modernization. I appropriate modern daily objects to imitate natural scenes, the sense, and the consciousness, like using water pipes to pretend fountains. Every scene represents twisted mind, a lie or a fabrication, ironically, as well as redemption.