Thank you so much for 多麼多得有

Thank you so much for, 2014
Home objects/ collection
Dimension variable

Mount Huaguo 花果山
Cardboard, tetra-pack banana milk, cigarette, poker, glass and mixed media
40(D) x 51(W) x 25(H), 20(D) x 35(W) x 15(H) cm

Snail Occipital 枕蝸牛
Drawing on paper, wood, drawer, door lock, chair, glass, mirror, newspaper, color paper, cloth, key box, glass bottle, stamp and receipt
100(D) x 100(W) x 95(H) cm

People say pillows preserving spirit, due to years of connection with profound emotion and thoughts from brains. Like everyday objects in storage become familiar. Familiarity can inspire imagination. Objects are lifelike which own stories. I thereby apply own memory to home everyday objects. Symbols and monuments are created to talk about personal and social affairs.