Is there echo in the hill? 那山頭有沒有回音?

Is there echo in the hill?, 2013
Two-channel video

part one:, 24min28s
part two:, 7min12s

In my 28-year-old’s birthday, in a day of birth thinking of death should be simply natural but I suddenly recalled my memory during childhood that there was echo in the hill at the place of one of my ancestors’ grave. I had never done anything to confirm. Therefore, I determined to go for ancestral veneration and walked from home to the grave alone. The entire journey was dramatic, as different rural and urban cityscapes always suddenly bumped into eyesight. Till the arrival, I planned to call out the departed in my life 14 times. If there were echo, 14 times of echo might return and 28 in total was same as my age.