Present《Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital》 今《東京夢華錄》

Present《Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital》 今《東京夢華錄》, 2012-2021

part one: Yuen Long District:, 6min15s
part two: Yau Tsim Mong District:, 6min15s
part three: Central and Western District:, 6min15s
part four_teaser: Wan Chai District:, 6min15s
final episode: (*based on request), Hong Kong, 6min15s

Reminiscences of the Eastern Capitalrecords a period of history about Kaifeng in Northern Song Dynasty under Emperor of Hui-tsung. The Book depicts scenes of daily life from the nobility to the general people. It also mentions that there are more than 100 different stores situated in the center of the city. This is the time truly competitive and prosperous.

Cityscape constructed by modern chain stores show rigid outlooks under globalization and the capital market. Do the metropolises inevitably destroy individual operators? Do Individuals and the general public; conservation and development; resistance and tolerance face consequential contradiction? Trading behavior in stores, ways of walking and seeing on the streets, form a big part of human living and culture, as well as values. It means that personality is gradually being worn down.

Hong Kong as a small and densely packed city indicates the possibility to travel the whole town for recording. By going down the streets for filming open chain stores in daytime and taking photos for closed small stores at night, I combine the both and make 18-channel video. The18-channel video represents the 18 districts of Hong Kong showing repetition of each district, to depict the giant wheel-like operation of the trend and situations through stores, streets and human beings. On the contrary, accompanying with an irony mind, this project endeavors to record remaining characteristics of each district. PresentReminiscences of the Eastern Capitalwill be a complete documentation of entire Hong Kong within certain period of time.