Making Process of Yi Shui Xi Cheng 一水西城創作過程

Making Process of Yi Shui Xi Cheng, 2009
Single channel video

video:, 6min53s

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Mountains, rivers, birds and beasts form black and white landscapes against clear ebony glass bottles. Drinkers all over the world fortuitously have their wine label design pointing to the atmosphere of medieval European architecture and nature. By collecting and reconstructing, delicate relation between people and product can be discovered. Different producers influence one another. Due to consideration of marketing trend, purchasing power of consumers, production cost and skills, product form cultural inertia constructing human fundamental knowledge. However, inertia may provide limited perspectives towards understanding a thing. How to break the situation?

I thereby look into searching for the concealed landscapes. Through collecting 60 wine bottles, I carve on the wine labels and only leave the images remaining stuck on the bottles. I do collage via a computer using the taken photos of the carved labels to create a fictitious city. For further comprehension of the whole picture, 12 photos are made to describe a same place by recognizing the related and corresponding parts in different photos. You are a traveler. Welcome to Yi Shui Xi Cheng.