To turn memory to own practice 也讓追憶成為習慣

To turn memory to own practice, 2011
Single channel video with installation and performance
Dimension variable


Eventually “Experimenting Exhibitions, Exhibiting Experiments” comes to the last part. From exploring possibility of exhibitions by curators to the artists’ re-involvement towards the existing artwork, at the same time under the coordination of curators and rules set by other artists, it drives the participating artists to understand his artwork anew and challenge audiences’ experiences of watching exhibitions.

Rules set by Lee Kit are mostly about physical limitations. These conditions reflect his concern which is kind of means beginning with the closest things to tackle limitation. Owing to forbiddance of using nails or screws on the wall and instructions of setting the artwork higher than eye level or on the floor, two-dimensional art pieces are expected to have an unusual presentation. By just following the rules and placing the artwork only under spacial and visual consideration without any concern of notion, it is not what I am intended to do. Therefore, I associate from physical conditions to own artistic concern. In fact, as early as previous three experiments, I have come up with an idea to make the artwork disappeared. This is an idea about my own artistic approach. Due to my incoherence upon media and style, it is always doubtful whether I am too engaged in self-fascination or not? Do I place myself too much time in the state of art making and thinking of art? Weirdly, towards the completed art pieces, my fondness and abhorrence is often not stable. How do I combine my art with Lee’s conditions of art making then?

As a conclusion, by not changing the original meaning of the existing artwork, I try to make a box for every art piece. They will be locked and buried at the end of the exhibition. This is for making distance before recalling.

You are here invited to take out the work from the boxes to look at. The situation of the work is the first time how I get touch with it. Like Chinese paintings, you can unfold to look and place it back afterwards. That’s only you can touch the artwork. I will not touch them again. In addition, I will make portfolio for the selected art pieces. Please commission me. I am willing to recall them 50 times. Each of the portfolios is unique. Every making is one time recalling. Does emotion remain same after 50 times?