Snow White Silver 白雪銀

Snow White Silver, 2014
Aluminum cans, handmade boxes on pedestals
Dimension variable

“Coke” is an art piece part of the series “Soft Drink Cans”. Soft drink cans are kind of mass production product. Different manufacturers add different patterns and colors for their product. It is normally pleasant to drink with those elements and flavor. However, the cans turn to scrap metal when they are done. What do industrialization bring to us? It brings us unified mechanical techniques, sustainable exploitation towards natural resources and endless dumping of waste. There is inevitable contradiction between nature and modern live of humans.

I have collected different types of soft drink cans. Through carving and sanding, I have removed their color and left the black and white words. Behind the vivid beauty, the cans own strong appearances of industrialization along with smell of rust. When you see a can with this changed outlook, you may think that they are more like an “object”. Have you thought about that when the surface of a can is being sanded, the metal powder may enter the can? In fact, things inside the cans have been all along on the brink of danger.