Dance before departure 臨行前跳舞

Dance before departure, 2014
Two-channel video installation
Dimension variable

part one: (*based on request), 7min48s
part two: (*based on request), 9min54s

Occupy movement.

A computer screen. A live channel.

An artist-in-residence program in New York for three months. A witness of Hong Kong street occupation in the distance.

A barrier too hard to take strides across, politically, personally.

Different situations simultaneously occur related to brand-new political circumstances and short-term change of living environment which once again urging people to reflect the essence of life. Fragments from individuals and community in the past to now are being penetrated, even triggering issues about beliefs and contradiction of value. While intentionally exposing deposits of these awareness and knowledge, all are scattered memories. In that they always contain sense of loss at veiled corners. Due to choices of escape, oblivion and fear, the emotions haven’t being tackled for a long period.

Particular time and space collide; a moment of departure. Regrets are pushed in front providing additional opportunities of pondering the human world and relationship, as well as facing powerlessness driven by growth, generations and urban life.

“Dance before departure” depicts the artist’s anxiety from being distanced towards Hong Kong occupy street and his residency in New York which dig concealed regrets out about relationship with his playmate during growth. He has attempted to dance referred to similar cases in the childhood of gaining the joy easily by just moving bodies. It is the carefree time without worries. The process of tracing back integrated with various scenes of Hong Kong and New York, along with showing text of the unsent letter to the artist’s cousin. There is a distance too hard to be shortened unpredictably connecting to Hong Kong political dilemma again that it seemingly points out the difficulty of getting rid of the same consequences from many kinds of affairs.