All Things 所有

All Things, 2015
Road signs, bus stop signs, rhinestones, cloth, pile, poles, office chairs, souvenirs from Hong Kong Legislative Council, paper, a road corner mirror, artificial flower, artificial grass, a traffic light, eyelashes, long narrow flags and sand bags and fence from Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art
Dimension variable

Consensus comes from informing the newcomers that the property, ties of blood and human rights are inherent as defined by the laws, education and social atmosphere. Conversely, when younglings grow up within a civilized society, their wild nature will be suppressed by the regulation of rights. As arrogance is restrained, rebellion is confined, and the violation of rules is prohibited, it reveals various vague boundaries between right and wrong.

How public properties are empowered? How these exhibited public properties are obtained? The combination of public properties with anachronistic visual presentation and site will conceal the established restrictive power; at the same time, however, it is restrained by the rules of the museum space.

Public security. Its pursuit. All of all things. How much freedom remain?