Thighs 大腿

Thighs, 2016
Beech poles, wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden decoration and metal strings
Dimension variable

Sometimes human beings imagine as metaphors, imaging bottle mouths as the moon, dust in rooms as sand and stones. We long for unperceived imageries as described in Qian Zhongshu's “Fortress Besieged”. 

What make us stay away from nature to live but conceal aspiration in mind for nature? Buildings as mountains; pillars as trees. Straight, standing, not only the civilized persons. Straight, spirited, from ancient times. Homo erectus is the key starting point for the history of human wisdom and civilization in the theory of evolution. Millions of years later, capitalism is the daily; it circulates and accumulates as the norm.

Pillars are trees, planted on the ground. Lower legs perceive feelings from the foots describing underneath. No matter it is asphalt or mud, the reality is right here. Every step, from the lower legs to the upper, from actions to notions of actions, foots to minds, the organicity is stiff like a piece of cracked stone. 

Straight, prosperous metropolitan; Being close yet far, true yet fake nature. I carved the top of the wooden table illustrating the river under flood protection near my village, where trees are planted or manipulated to encircle the coastal landscape. How does the capital world coexist with trees? As we all know that we can now easily transform, copy and buy wood. Among the contradictory and rich commercial operations and charm, we believe, question, repeatedly.