Child 孩子

Child, 2016
Mirror plaques of Hong Kong Policy Address's titles from 2007 to 2016, portraits in photo paper of previous and current Hong Kong Chief Executives, photographs in photo paper from 2007 taken in the primary school of the artist, a podium, an old fan from home, school benches and two audio sources
Dimension variable

conversation/ video: (*based on request), 34min25s

They are the same, bells of Legislative Council and schools.

A podium and audiences, a standard confrontation, relationship of being on or off stage, under the law or school rules, are partitioned by a boundary between being right and wrong. Nowadays situations of political agitation have destroyed part of my trust on civilization and value, though they reversely deepen perspectives of fundamental understanding about life. Thereby tracing back to the time of my studies, there’re discoveries towards how authority and rules suppress and control people’s mind and behavior. There the official, states its integrity, actually via overwhelming methods of remaining stability and creating illusion for hope. Hope can ease negative emotions. However, while hope never emerge, again and the three, then ceaselessly applied keywords cannot become real; they become accustomed to pet phases. 

I remember that I have once returned to my primary school in 2007. At that time, the original plan of “Child” eventually hasn’t been done. That year, is the first decade after the handover. Now, 2016, another nine years, my enthusiastic pursuit for childhood memories in the past has turned into disgust at education system. Education doesn’t guide me to look at evil. Education doesn’t guide me to look at significance of being different and significance of being yourself. In the time of around ten years old, I followed my cousin to steal money. I raised my head. I saw myself in a mirror. That moment was firmly branded on my memory.

Here the mirror plaques are engraved titles of the Policy Address since 2007. How many real minds behind the words? The titles surround a podium accompanying with snapshots taken at my primary school in 2007. On the podium, I have re-written the last words of some children. The atmosphere imitates and extends a moment about a dialogue between a beloved little girl and me, as well as personal anxiety. In the dialogue, I tell and question her some keywords often used by the chief executive during media interviews which the keywords are considered in the context of family affairs. The relationship on or off stage is actually so daily and disturbed, sometimes positions swapping; sometimes without a single word.