The Surface of Wind and Light 風光

The Surface of Wind and Light, 2016
Single channel video projection, a wooden ball, a stand lamp, a color photo and statement on paper
Dimension variable

video:, 6min55s

If concept and forms of architecture are re-defined through reflection on choices of modern life, then the urgency of frontier tackling contradiction should be civilization or not; civilization and how.

Screen-like buildings, arcs and straight lines of construction separate space which is belonged to private and public interests under capitalism. The ownership of the space is thereby defined by boundaries of architecture that the boundaries attach dizzying manufactures to both the interior and exterior. The mixture of scenario always put into battles of climate. Humans adopt, alter or forge wind and light, between natural and artificial experiences, creating a comfortable living environment which matches modernistic standards. In the process of nature being civilized, we repetitively question about the meaning of home. Are there any aesthetics or values ultimate and eternal?

Three points hold up an object as standing fundamentals, like a stand lamp. Behind it a planet is placed on the ground. It lies against the wall covered by moving images about looking at home again. As an extension from home to urban cityscapes, regarding flow of wind and light, the intention target on the complex relationship of modern life defined by the surface of space.

This is a three-story house in a traditional village built in 1970s. The visible flow of wind and light is accumulated throughout dozens of years. Searching for a new perspective of wind and light urge a re-intervention; for instance, a floor lamp, imitate light like wisdom from the Universe. It is a metaphor. In a closed area, humans connect to the external world through a window. Where is those wind blowing on faces from? How? Take a turn. Ones may look at the endless circles around. A full moon? A red sun? Candlelight, moonlight, and lamplight. Interplay of light and shadow. What kinds of strange ideas on circles are inserted? Too attractive yet confusing; natural yet mundane.

Both modern cities and nature, the general extremes are integrated into a beauty-trap. Hidden true intentions behind obsequiousness juxtapose so-called symbols of natural superficial features. Then, while boundaries of architecture reveal confrontation between charm of civilization and contradiction of human kinds, may it help sort out brand-new values and stratagems of development in this black or white world?