Lying in Gardens 謊園

Lying in Gardens, 2016
Two-channel video projection, color photos
144(H) x 258(W)cm, 144(H) x 258(W) x 4(D)cm

video on wall: (*based on request), 13min11s
installation view at CFCCA:, 3min8s
installation view:, 1min24s

A radius of two thousand seven hundred fifty-five square kilometers, here are coastal hilly terrains submerged with little flat land. It is said that here the world contain two sides. One, they are phenomena like sunrise and sunset; animals exist, decline and propagate. One, they are human systems, orders and values.

What are the rules within the radius (*ambiguous meaning in Chinese: radius means squares and circles)?

I have once regarded circles as intermedia across both worlds for re-looking at inevitable conflict. Fans create breeze; ceiling lamps look like moons. Civilized living circumstances trigger natural imageries. Are they poetic, or desperate?

The more artificial squares, from sharp edges of buildings, organized cityscapes, symbols of authority and objects, to a variety of indoor and outdoor use of space by partitions. How many borders of authority and urban strategies about manipulation of human behaviors from the authority can be revealed? In such stereotypical living model, how flowers, grass, birds and insects exist to be part of the phenomenon and the whole backdrop?

The radius, squares and circles, are gardens telling lies. Grass and ponds surround official buildings; urban or rural puddles staying on official roads and space, may both reflective sceneries be respectively identified? In the turbulent days, we bring along each ID card and passport in a luggage again and again, between civilization and wilderness, between reality and imagination, back and forth.