Check-in; Check-out 去留

Check-in; Check-out, 2016
Single channel video on phone, shirts and a transparent trolley luggage
80(H) x 52(W) x 23(D)cm

video:, 1min50s

Storing one checked baggage; bringing along one in hand, both are filled up commodities and souvenirs, across immigration counters, planes, hotels, all the temporary zones for a period of a stay. Outside home, every single boundary, every moment, is a choice of going in or out. Turn around and have a look at the path we are walking on. It is led by capital and order where dazzling goods and services always comfort one side of human desire; at the same time, labelled hidden regulations and authority suppress another side of it.

Is it a good idea to get lost among individual and institutional values? I saw mountains from a close distance when I was a child. Downtowns were once conversely from remote places. As time goes by, lands are developed and converted into solider models and norm of modernity. Till chances aboard, looking throughout the ground from the sky, how many do the planes leap over species, fields and national boundaries? Between the new and old; the urban and rural; departure or arrival; at the stages of interim, different countries sort out unified ways of international intercourse, whereas similarities and differences of cultural and political systems also trigger new thoughts on the primitive and tradition. New thoughts let us see clearer blind spots under complex minds which we thereby ask ourselves. What should we do now towards such conflicts?

Let praise peace and prosperity, turning all kinds of taboos into exquisite pictures.