Throughout the Sky 滿天都是

Throughout the Sky, 2017
Two-channel video, a hydraulic bed, a cabinet
Dimension variable

site:, 2min5s

My home is situated in a walled village, near Shek Kong Barracks.

Filming the rising sun in the early morning on the roof, birds are foraging around; from noon to dusk, there are helicopters towards the Barracks back and forth; at night, flying objects with flashing signal lights remain silent. 

Different regimes consolidate their power accompanied by rapid evolution of civilization. Capital, technology and law drive guns and missiles to be privatized tools. Current civilized daily life, how much does it divert determination of people to preserve and integrate the land? Giving up original intention to further reach existence; giving up courage to further advocate ways of living?

Do you and I feel well today? Oh countries and people; oh hosts of the sky and metropolises. Looking up in the center of construction, what beliefs do you see in the air?