Lo Ting 盧亭

Lo Ting, 2017
Single channel video, radio drama, an ink painting by Oscar Chan Yik Long, ceramic tiles peeled off from artist Tang Kwok Hin's home, a fish tank, garbage bags, chairs
Dimension variable

site: http://vimeo.com/235526246, 2min33s
radio drama: (*based on request), 18min (*in Cantonese, with English subtitles)

Stranded fishes fell in love with the sky and the earth, and drifted from the sea to the land. Referred to pictographic words of fishes, there are creatures’ legs growing out of them to become standing human-fishes.

Flowers, trees, valleys and streams; mountains, rivers animals and human beings. With all their love and admiration, the journey experienced throughout all greens to creatures. In the search for nature, the land changed. It left for battlefields, wealth and modernization. Actually human-fishes and humans changed, too. Who have forgotten the previous life? Where are the sea and the land? Are there still human-fishes and flowers?