Red and White 紅與白

Red and White, 2018
Single channel video projection, wax from a white candle, a piece of old newspaper about the public meeting on 4 June 1996, an ashtray, cigarette butts, ash, cigarette packs, DNA 
Dimension variable

Recently, it is about the past. The heaviest has become light; the most painful has precipitated boredom. Is my mind stronger? Or is it hollow? I feel that certain greatness has gone. The times and the people are stranded in an interim, or at a dead end.

A red is searing upon the head and a white is being grasped in the hand. The blade edges the body closely but the body is still eager to step out for the pain to verify the truth of existence. I am worried that it is going to lose its temperature from the palm in a blink. I am not afraid but I don’t know.

最近,是有關過去的。曾經最沉重的變得輕盈;最刺痛的已沉澱出乏味。是心堅壯了,抑或掏空了? 我感到有種美好遠去,而時代與眾人滯留於一個過渡期,或一個死局。 

頭上一抹紅,手握一把白,刀刃縱在頭足間,肉體卻依樣渴求傷痛以確認存在的真實,又猶恐溫度在 掌心轉眼便退。我不害怕,但我不知道。