May Stills Water Run Deep 靜水流深

May Stills Water Run Deep, 2022
Collective Writing Workshop and Interpretation
Organizer: One Nine Eight Three
Host: Tang Kwok Hin
Translation and Interpretation: Yang Yeung
Responsive Artwork to Poetry: Chan Ting
Chan Ting
Ching Yeuk Ling
Chu Wing Tung
Fok Tsz Hong
Joey Yiu Cheuk Yi
Joshua Ching Ue Wa
Kylie Chan Ka Ying
Lam Mo Yi
Su Man Sin
Tiffanie Tsui Tin Yau
Vera Yuen Lok Yiu

Host x 1  
Participant x 5~20
Artist x 1~3

1. Open a WORD file and put it in a Google Drive
2. Look at this WORD file in the Google Drive
3. Keep your camera remain off during the online meeting 
4. Focus on texts and voices
5. In this workshop, there are two collective writing methods for the poem
- Put the participants in sequence; everyone writes a line for the poem one by one
- Put the participants in sequence; everyone writes at the same time for the locations of their allocated lines 
- In both situations above, every finished line can be revised until the workshop is done
6. While every chapter has finished the writing, the sequence of writing can be changed 
7. The host keeps paying attention on the flow of the poem and gradually name a title for every chapter to provide a framework of the poem
8. Enjoy the writing till the end
9. May still waters run deep?
10. An artist(s) makes a responsive body of works to the poem by photographs or videos

主持人 x 1
參與者 x 5~20
藝術家 x 1~3

1. 打開一個WORD文件並置於Google Drive內
2. 觀看Google Drive內這WORD 文件
3. 線上會議進行時保持攝影鏡頭關閉
4. 專注於文字和聲音
5. 此工作坊共有兩種集體寫詩的方法
-   將參與者按順序排列,每人逐一書寫一行詩句
-   將參與者按順序排列,每人一同書寫他被分派的句子位置
-   在以上兩種方法內,所有已書寫好的句子在工作坊完結前均可作出修訂
6. 當完成每一章節時,可以改變書寫的順序
7. 主持人時刻留意詩的發展並逐步為各章節定題目,以賦予本作一定的框架
8. 享受書寫直至最後
9. 靜水可流深?
10. 藝術家以攝影或錄像作品回應完成後的詩作