Umbilical Cord 臍帶

Umbilical Cord, 2021
Fish wire, daily objects, mixed media, drop sound, multi-channel video and performance 
Performer: Tang Kwok Hin, Florence Lam, Herman Lau, Hong Kong Arts Centre's Staff
Dimension variable
Main video, (*based on request), 1h19m50s 
Main video trailer:

In a time of quarantine, people flow with constraints for their living. People who work, who eat, who are considering their future, strive to find a way for a brighter scenario.

Situated somewhere tranquil, I attempted to make sense of the place but in vain. Is it time? But my body is deteriorating, my mind worn out. Or is it in the air?  The suffocating wind is so fierce that all soil of vanity is blown into the air but there is no turf underneath.

This is an era where taking a breath has become such an act of uncertainty, will one find accompany in other entities? Be it an orange, or an exhibition, these moments to be spent together will turn into nutrients for us to hang on.

Or haven’t my umbilical cord been cut? The other end has long been hidden inside my stomach, keeps reminding me of the hunger for my mother’s milk when I was in her arms – the desire to live on.

Mom, the sun is so strong, if I were a tree I would have been cut down; if I were a human, I would have been caught.

Would there be gentle wind among skyscrapers? So that rotten wood would be allowed to grow lissome stems which can fly away with the kites.


某處是靜止的,我試圖找出此處為何卻無所獲。是時間嗎?但我的身體在衰老,精神疲憊。空氣呢 ?悶侷的狂風憋著氣在刮,刮起浮華下的塵土卻不見草披。

彷彿連呼吸也令人疑惑的時代,身外一切可否作伴? 即便是一個橘子、一個展覽,不過是共渡過些時間,支援走下去的力量。