Flowers Arrangement in the Fields 在原野插花

Flower Arrangement in the Fields, 2011
Mixed media
Dimension variable

Perhaps flowers on the windowsill are the only remaining natural elements in nowadays prosperous dwellings. We don’t know where they come from but we certainly bought them in flower shops. They quietly stay at the corner of a room with a very ancient form of art.

Somebody says: “If life is inevitable, art is like flower arranging.” Since the Sui Dynasty, it has had ideas of flower arrangement. Putting atmosphere of nature at home, ancient human beings pour soil in vases and cautiously arrange the order of flowers. It is the process of creating aesthetics. If we observe this practice with a pair of new eyes, it reveals particular identities in contemporary context.

I regard sculpture making as flower arranging and create an artwork by collecting raw materials in the outdoor. The materials include natural elements, things people abandoned and things they left. Therefore, the flowers in the vases show the appearances of current nature. Is there any scene of nature without human activities? In what times and places. This is the “flower” I have found. I arrange flowers in the fields next to human beings.