Then begin with an airline ticket 就從一張飛機票說起

Then begin with an airline ticket, 2013
Mixed media
Dimension variable

Then begin with an airline ticket…

There is no specific content deliberately conceived of for verifying tendency of context. I only go down the streets with an airline ticket, stationery and some money. Under various settings of modern civilization, I let my emotion and imagination go and seek. Initially two circles drawn by a stewardess on the airline ticket catch my eyes.

Here all works are produced in different public spaces or studios of the others. Wandering, eating and taking a rest over the city, I immediately start making art pieces while I have an idea. No matter what things I use or buy, they are limited in the stage of daily living. Thereby I am much more concerned about various forms of “drawing” which it can extend and reveal towards such context.

When discussion of drawing comes to a kind of conscious stream transmitting messages to physical reaction of bodies, the process is always concluded as disorder of self-expression or indescribable spirituality. Dealing with this interpretation, self-purification and extraction are emphasized which I regard it as a myth. Among limitation of context, independence, tools and techniques, how much our thoughts and ideas can thoroughly derive from self without bias of external conditions?

Then I begin with an airline ticket by citing my experiences during residency in Taipei to carry out a series of thoughts and change of media, in an attempt to reach the unclarified field between tendency of context and independence. Does the final presentation only manifest my own habits? A series of unrelated pieces? Or a brand-new means of overturning for different perspectives?

If drawing can raise our most fundamental intuitive and sensibility, then I would let my feelings go to achieve something. I don’t intend to define it, otherwise drawing may go farther and farther.