Peace Hotel 和平飯店

Peace Hotel, 2015
Transparent adhesive collage on glass from Google images on Chinese social and political affairs, towel, pillow, acrylic suitcase, clock, belongings, carpet
Dimension variable

Over million, thousand million dollars, our precious boxes, will become a square-like mountain while stacked. It possesses various modernizations to receive global information, no matter news of entertainment or misery.

Civilization almost cannot trust or accept, all the sudden, which a panic appears after collapse or devastation of construction. Bustling scenes nowadays, seem always calm and secure. Then, urban people occasionally leave home, like living few days in Shanghai Peace Hotel where different world’s leaders have once visited, dined or lived.

Internet and images from media provided in hotel rooms are extension of home of every individual to look at the world by similar methods at parallel distance, though part of information is expected to be hidden. Will Keen eyes and sensitivity be weakened in bedrooms? Before checking in, we should all know that atmosphere of peaceful hotels is inconsistent with political situations and social reality compared with the outside.

Let whitewash for peace and prosperity, turning all sorts of taboos into exquisite pictures.