Needs 百貨

Needs, 2015
works from the artist between 2005 to 2015
Dimension variable
[solo exhibition at Gallery EXIT in 2015, curated by Ying KWOK]
[photo courtesy of Gallery EXIT and the artist]

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Gallery EXIT is pleased to present Needs – solo exhibition by local mixed-media artist TANG Kwok Hin, curated by Ying KWOK. The exhibition continues Tang’s usual practice in reflecting the social values embedded in the daily commodity. Tang utilizes and puts various ready-made items and pictures together so as to create the collage artworks. By doing so, Tang provides new meanings to the seemingly meaningless, mundane and trivial commodities, and prompts visitors to re-interpret commodity from an alternative angle. 

Consumerism thoroughly permeates in our daily life. Every single item is perceived as a commodity and incessantly dominated by its exchange value. As such, beginning from the most rudimentary point, artist explores the basic essence of life. From a selection of Tang’s previous artworks together with his new artworks in this exhibition, we can realize artist’s continual obsession in the ready-made. Through appropriating these rather insignificant prosaic fragments, Tang expresses his sensuous response and inspiration according to his personal encounters and daily vision. Not only evoke individual life experiences, Tang’s art pieces also aspire to trigger spectators’ curiosity and foster their imagination regardless of the overwhelming consumer culture. 

Tang constantly employs collage as his artistic style. During the process, artist combines numerous distinctive pre-existing images and objects to create work, which gives the impression of déjà vu and draw visitors to contemplate.  Besides retaining the original social contexts, the combination of diverse related and unrelated symbols can generate a new way of interpretation and understanding. Accordingly, the collage of the ready-made can reveal and re-present the originally hidden and neglected social messages, as well as establish the new narratives. 

The English title is not a literal translation from the Chinese title, department store (百貨 ). The dissimilitude between ‘Needs’ and ‘Department Store’ questions human desire and encourage viewers to create their own perspectives so as to enrich the layers of the exhibition.


消費文化充分滲透著生活的每一個角落,我們的生活建構在各式各樣商品上,鄧氏由基本出發,從日常物探討生活的本質。是次將展出一系列鄧氏的舊作與新作以構成一個較完整的脈絡,我們可看到藝術家一貫對日常物的沉思與執迷。鄧氏利用這些毫不起眼的生活碎片,抒發他對個人際遇及生活想像的一些感悟及啟發, 使其作品不但喚起個人的生活經驗,亦希望觸發觀賞者的好奇及想像。