Right Side of High Bridge 高橋的右邊

Right Side of High Bridge, 2017
Three-channel video, bed, sofa, stand lamp, inkjet on paper
Dimension variable

site: http://vimeo.com/210527992, 2min25s

While you see borders of norms, it becomes natural existing among norms and freedom. Occasionally, you even lose ability to handle norms. To break through standards, are there still aesthetics in the absence of criteria? I ceaselessly speculate and observe various models of modern civilized creation and meanings, especially urban planning and rhythm. Compared with composition of cities and home, dazzling types of daily products extend from shops to living inside interior space. Functions connect convenient and instant desire filling up life without respite.

Here the construction, public or private, every machine percusses the Earth’s surface like piercing skin to apply therapy of power. Values being advocated by norms turn into mainstream. What do they preserve? To stand on the bridge filming familiar, spread, ruined yet constructing scenes, a person standing still on a buzzing bridge will be stared; while placing a tripod with a video camera at the same time, passersby will follow direction of filming to look or even stay for a while.

Knock on it; take a leap; there are also silhouettes and puncta on the bridge.